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We have developed four our clients a therapy program that focuses on the Principles of cognitive behavioral therapy by Aaron T. Beck based.

Arrange first a non-binding and free information meeting with us.
Alternatively, you may also like to stop by at our headquarters and make an appointment.

The free information session will be held with Ms. Collas. Please bring all official documents and offense information about this conversation with. Ms. Collas then creates an individual program and a cost estimate.

If you opt for a therapy program in our counseling center, two psychologists will be provided from our consultants pool. Unlike other counseling centers, our psychologists specialize in the course of their training on specific subject areas (alcohol, drugs or traffic or criminal offenses). Each psychologist is therefore a specialist in a particular subject area.

The two-headed team of consultants will take care exclusively to your case. The psychologist is a specialist for your problem areas, ie with us you will get an individual and tailored to your problems counseling.

Our goal is to prepare you as soon as possible for the forthcoming MPU.

Immediately prior to her appointment MPU simulates one of our former MPU appraisers with you the MPU-conversation. Here you can get the necessary fine-tuning and finally the necessary security to pass the MPU with flying colors.

We have clients who come from all over Germany to help us to Frankfurt in the consultation.
In our service package a free night is in our residential apartments.

How to find us

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