MPU is the abbreviation for “medical psychological examination”, erroneously referred to as “idiot test” in the vernacular. Few sufferers know exactly what is at stake in this seemingly insurmountable obstacle and how it runs.

In this section of our website , we will answer to the most important Questions around the MPU:

What is a MPU?

MPU is the abbreviation for “medical psychological examination”.


The MPU is an officially or judicially arranged procedures, is to be tested with whether one is suitable to drive a vehicle on the road.


Unlike the normal driving test it The case essentially not about the review of knowledge or skill, but to your suitability of character. The arrangement for medical psychological examination takes place, if there are doubts on a personal suitability were awakened, for recordable by drugs, alcohol, traffic and criminal offenses.

Who needs to MPU?


A motorist has repeatedly noticed with drinking and driving, or even with a number of parts per thousand parts per thousand or more 1.6. This value applies to drinking and driving by bike. Traffic anomalies under the influence of alcohol represent 58 percent of all assessment cases.

Ass I pass the MPU?

Is it possible to pass the MPU without preparation?


They are confronted with an issue whose sequence and structure is unknown to them. Due to the complexity of the investigation, it is very unlikely that they can complete the MPU successfully without professional advice.


The failure rate without consulting is well above 50%! Our advice: Without a detailed preparation and advice, you should not compete, after all, we are talking about your driving.


Things to watch out!

In the market of MPU Preparer there are many black sheep. Ziegler and Lehnhart (2012) * recommended in this context to a go MPU Preparer, who once worked as a traffic psychological evaluators because you can benefit from the expertise and extensive knowledge here.


We employ only qualified psychologists and former MPU-assessor. In the section “About us / Team” You can take a look at the qualifications and skills of our traffic psychology consultant.


* Lehnhart, U. & Ziegler, H. (2012). MPU – What you need to know. Munich: Beck.

How much does the MPU cost?

The MPU – assessment costs everywhere in Germany the same amount. The costs are guided by the question of tort acts.


A good preparation for this hurdle should be tailored individually to you always. We will gladly check free and without obligation your case and give you a fixed price commitment. Where:

Our advice takes place at a flat rate!


After that there are no further costs more for the MPU – consulting.


That means for you :

Continuation of the advisory measures until you have passed your MPU successfully! No ifs and buts!


Contact us today! We look forward to you!

Medizinisch-Psychologische Gutachten

Gebühren inkl. Ust. nach dem §§2a und 4 Absatz 10 StVG sowie § 11 Absatz 3, des §§ 13 und 14 FeV

 (Quelle TÜV Nord Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG – Stand 01.08.2018)

Alcohol-sensitive (§13 no. 2 FeV)

€ 592,62

Narcotics and. Medication abnormal (§ 14 FeV) including drug screening

€ 749,70

Physical and mental impairments (§ 11 Abs. 3 in conjunction with Abs. 2 FeV), except neurological-psychiatric impairments

€ 511,70

Neurological-psychiatric impairments (§ 11 (3) in conjunction with (2) FeV)

€ 531,93

Abnormalities in the driving license test (§ 11 para. 3 no. 3 FeV)

€ 384,37

Conspicuous persons (in general, § 11 para. 3 no. 4 and 5, para. 10 no. 2 FeV and § 2a para. 4 and 5 as well as § 4 para. 10 StVG) without alcohol, narcotics or medication conspicuous persons

€ 536,69

Investigations in multiple questions (§ 11 Abs. 6 FeV)

For the question with the highest fee, the full rate is calculated, all other questions each with 1/2 of the applicable fee


FeV: Ordinance on the Approval of Persons for Road Traffic (Driving License Regulation FeV)

StVG: Road Traffic Act (StVG)

FahrlG: Law on the driving instructor system (Fahrlehrergesetz - FahrlG)